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Drinks to Avoid: Avoiding a Life of Gums

Your dental health is not only our business, it’s our concern, but we can only do so much from our dental practice in Buckinghamshire. When it comes to looking after your teeth, it almost feels like a case of preservation over protection, with your teeth being so fragile that it seems that there is more of a list of “don’ts” than “dos.

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Soft Drinks

When people discuss looking after their teeth, fizzy pop is always one of the forerunning culprits to cut out, but it isn’t the sugar that is the biggest killer for your teeth… The biggest enemy to your teeth in a fizzy drink is the acid. There are corrosive acids like phosphoric, citric, tartaric and malic, and these are present in a mixture of drinks, diet or full-fat. Also, whilst you would think that flavour may not matter, it is actually the citrus flavoured drinks that prove to be the most fatal for your enamel, dissolving it two to five times faster than a coke alternative.

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Fruit Juices

Choosing fruit juice over fizzy pop certainly makes sense when it comes to opting for the healthy alternative, and it is, but it’s not just vitamins and antioxidants you are consuming when you’re swigging your healthy juice of choice. Fruit juices are jam-packed with the type of acids that wear down and eat at your tooth enamel, with citrus, berry and apple juices being particularly bad offenders.

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Sports Drinks

The high concentration of strong acids in sports drinks mean that these do more harm to your teeth than both sodas and juices. It is clearly of great importance to remain hydrated when undertaking any physical activity, but you are probably best to make water your first choice, unless of course you are a high endurance athlete.

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Energy Drinks

After the treacherous sports drink, energy drinks are the worst culprit for stripping the enamel from your teeth. These are particularly bad for the younger generation who have weaker and more porous tooth enamel. So when opting for a pick me up… think of your teeth!

If you want to live life with your teeth for a long time into the future, as with diet, you should consume most things in moderation, and if you do have to have one of the main culprits for tooth enamel stripping, make sure you rinse your mouth after consumption.

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