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Protect Teeth and Gums in the Summer Sun


It’s not all fun and games when it comes to summer; our dental practice can be bustling. With summer comes a host of issues that, whilst prevalent throughout the year, can be exacerbated through the increased temperatures.

Now don’t panic… we’re not going to tell you that the warmer weather is going to directly crumble and crack your teeth or that it will instigate a spate of teeth removal and dental implants in Buckinghamshire; we will however warn you that the way in which you, as teeth owners, choose to keep yourself cool over this summer season may be doing your teeth some unwanted damage.


Ice is a not so secret killer of your enamel. As well as the fact that the hyper-cold change in atmosphere may generate cracks in your teeth, ice can damage them by putting them under stress. If you’ve ever bitten an ice-cube after you’ve finished your drink, firstly, you’re not alone but you need to stop thinking of your teeth as indestructible. The unnecessary pressure of biting something solid is bad for your teeth and gums and could even lead to fracturing your teeth. So play ‘ice.

ice cubes
+ Sugar = Uh oh…

Besides drinks, the most common way that you’ll find yourself consuming ice this summer is through ice-lolly consumption; not that we blame you. However, the number of frozen treats you consume should be regulated as, it will come as no surprise, they are awful for the survival of your teeth. Sugar-free alternatives would be significantly better for your overall oral health, and remember to rinse your mouth out after eating. The future-toothed-you will thank you.

Give Them a Break

In summer you can find yourself out all day adventuring in the sunshine; when doing so, it’s important to rinse your mouth after snacking to reduce the risk of tooth erosion. It’s tempting to graze all day, especially when the heat is out and you would give anything to be knee deep in ice-lolly wrappers, but think of your teeth. Summer parties and barbeques are fantastic for your photo album but just be conscious of giving your teeth a rest and a rinse after some serious snacking.

Silhouettes of Diverse Multiethnic People Partying
Water is your best friend throughout summer – always keep a bottle on you to help rid your mouth of sugar and stickiness. Keeping a chapstick on your person will also help to alleviate any dryness you may suffer from over summer, as well protecting your teeth against the rays of the sun. It’s all too easy to laze around in the summer sun, but as long as your remember to brush and rinse your teeth, whilst keeping consumption of frozen, sugary drinks and snacks to a minimum, the Tooth Fairy will be out of a job come September.

Help yourself this summer; respect your teeth by following our simple advice. If you seek further guidance or would like to consult or visit one of our dental professionals, please contact us on 01494 763353 where one of our friendly team of sugar soldiers will be there to help.

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